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2 – Hoz Mala

This excursion commences from the esplanade above the Power Station. From here, follow the small dirt road without sign posts that will take you to the mountain crest in 30 minutes. From here you can see the Hoz Mala gorge, and get an excellent panoramic view of the whole area. During this excursion you will…

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7 – La Cedrilla spring

A small walk that starts off from the outskirts of Aliaga during which you can be refreshed by one of the area’s waters that spring from the earth. Cross over an overpass on the dirt road that leads out of Aliaga and you will find yourself on the path that will take you to the…

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6 – The Incense Juniper and the Peñas de La Morta

For this excursion drive on the road leading to Villarroya de los Pinares. Leave your vehicle beside the road a little before you reach the outskirts of the town. You can then begin this walk through the forest with its characteristic incense junipers and common junipers.  

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5 – La Clara Waterfall

This beautiful 30 minute walk (one way) starts out from a sign post on the road to Villaroya and continues through poplars, asphodels, gorse and other autochthonous flora. After a brief ascent that is not at all difficult we suddenly come across one of the prettiest and most spectacular waterfalls of Aliaga.  

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4 – La Tamborera Waterfall

This walk, which takes 20 minutes one way, starts out from an easy to spot sign post on the Villaroya de los Pinares road. The route leads to a splendid waterfall that falls into a pool which can freeze over in winter.  

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3 – The Hocino Gorge

A short excursion which takes up half a morning (return journey) At the end of the pathway (without sign posts and a bit difficult to find) we come to a pool with a very beautiful waterfall pouring out of the rock face.

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