The Vegetation of Aliaga


Holm oak groves
and gall oak groves

These are the area’s original autochthonous forests and those of the greatest ecological value, though today they only survive in small enclaves. The most characteristic species are the holm oak ( Quercus rotundifolia ) and the gall oak ( Quercus faginea ).



The pinewood forests are greatly influenced by human development. The scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris ) abounds in the high regions to the south of Aliaga (Sierra de la Lastra) whereas the Austrian pine (Pinus nigra ) predominates in the Guadalope valley at lower altitudes further to the east.

enebro (2)

Small forests of incense junipers and common junipers

Incense junipers ( Juniperus thurifera ) and common junipers ( Juniperus communis y Juniperus oxycedrus ) dot many of the mountain slopes without actually forming expanses of forest. These are frequently accompanied by the serviceberry ( Amelanchier ovalis ) and the undergrowth is covered by bearberry shrubs ( Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ).

arbusto (2)

Bushes and aromatic shrubs

Deforestation throughout history of many mountains has given rise to shrub lands made up of (lavender, sage, savory, thyme). These are interlaced with prickly bushes such as the hawthorn ( Crataegus monogyna ), the wild rose ( Rosa canina ), and the blackthorn ( Prunus spinosa ). In higher regions the shrub land takes on a canopied appearance with the characteristic hedgehog broom ( Erinacea anthyllis ).


Riverside forests

The river streams are populated by species that require moist soil and which form gallery forests: poplars ( Populus nigra ), the white poplar ( Populus alba ), the elm ( Ulmus minor ), the willow ( Salix alba ), the crack willow ( Salix fragilis ) and the hoary willow ( Salix elaeagnos ).

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