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Santa Barbara

There were various coal mines in the area, the three most important of which were: Hoya Marina, Las Eras and Campos. The coal was high quality coal but when the Power station was enlarged in 1958 they were unable to supply all the coal that was needed to run it and this led to the decline of Aliaga coal mining and the gradual closing down of the coal mines.

Today there is a Mining Interpretation Centre, the aim of which is to present an overview of the mining past of Aliaga, and its relation to the Power Station, as well as of the effect that the mining towns have had on the area and on construction. The Centre also houses a small collection of rocks, minerals and fossils from the different geological periods, along with panels and scale models which outline the history of the mines and the power station as well as an explicit documentary on that era (the 50’s). Telephone 620 598 865 and arrange a visit.

History of Santa Barbara

The traditional economic activity of Aliaga historically consisted of agriculture and stockbreeding right up to the industrial revolution when the new demand for energy brought coal mining to the fore.

The Santa Bárbara district sprang up as a result of mining in the vicinity of Aliaga from the 40's to the 60's. Santa Bárbara developed at the same pace as the power station and became a real proletarian neighbourhood.

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